#tbt it’s been a while since I posted some good old memories from my beginnings. This one is from 2007 right after I bought that beat up Aerox that I repaired and after few months of practice me and my friend Mitja had our first live show near to my hometown. Such struggle back in the day when we didn’t have any money to repair the scooters or even sometimes to pay for the fuel, but one thing we had and that was the passion for two wheels and adrenalin that kept us going. Sometimes is good to look back to appreciate even more what you have now. It’s been a long hard road but if I could turn the time back to change something I would do everything the same, OK maybe I would not buy this damn ugly Vans shoes hahaha

P.S. Ohh before I forget, my last show of the season will be in Cambodia and we will throw a huge party for all the Dukers – 19.Dec. 2015

Thanks to Marko for letting us perform on the Tuning show Orkas – RokON!

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