Many big stories have started in a small garage. We would like to think we are one of these stories.

I started to work on my bikes more than 10 years ago in my dad’s garage. It was a small garage, which could fit one car. Actually, it couldn’t, because the car had to stay outside from then one =p

After 5 years, working on scooters by myself and signing with KTM, my mechanic Denis joined me and we started to tune and work on my stunt bikes. We had dreams about a much bigger garage, a place of our own. Now, a few years forward we are halfway there!

Our garage now is the best equipped Moto Garaza in the region. It’s not only for fixing my bikes, we repair bikes for other customers, develop stunt parts and sell my merchandise. It’s a lifestyle garage, where bikers come for advice, have a beer and share their stories. It’s also one of my favorite places where I can work on my bike, enjoy the smell of gasoline and just relax.

When I travel for my shows, half of the time I spent in a country is in a garage. With this I mean the KTM garage, where the mechanics help me set up my bike for the show.

It’s a time for me to relax, if everything goes as planned. I have a routine – turn up the radio, usually AC/DC, drink a cold Redbull…and get to work!

The work usually takes up a few hours and it’s a kind of free time for the mechanics as well. They get to see how a stunt bike is made, something most of them see for the first time. We put all of my bike parts on the ground for a better overview of what needs to be changed.

5 years ago, nothing really fit like it was supposed to. Now that we put so much work into developing the parts, everything fits like a glove. We finish with the sticker kit and then comes the last part. Like in an operating room, I sit on my bike and ask the mechanic to hand me the tools as I adjust my bike. The throttle, the handlebars, the tire-pressure… everything has to be perfect.

Now it’s time for the test drive.

»Of all the garages in the world, I have to come into this one«

I have been in many garages around the world and here are a few memories that I’ve collected along the way.

Top professional garage I have ever seen is the KTM Marketing Garage at the headquarters in Mattighofen, Austria. They really set the standard for any professional garage.


Although this country is in a hard position regarding wealth, the people are very resourceful. The garage and workshop may not be very good equipped, but the mechanics sure know what they are doing. We were wrenching and building the bike on the floor, you couldn’t find a zip tie. I couldn’t really help out because they had no tools with which I worked with. But in the end, the bike was finished perfectly!


Not even a wrench in the garage. I remember a few years ago, it was very difficult to work. Now, a few years later, the workshops are modernized and up to standard. The mechanics are very resourceful and I like to hang out with them, have a beer. Because they understand the struggle, they understand how to build a bike. They understand me.

In 2012, I’ve jumped over a ditch and cut the steel break line. I had to go to Peru the next day, where we couldn’t find another steel break line. My friend Chris Birch dug one up from an old quad that was used in a mine. The mechanics were the real heroes again and managed to seal the break so it worked for the show which was the next day!


The biggest moto warehouse I have ever seen with a garage. Full. Of. Bikes.


One of the best mechanics on the planet. A lot of times the local stunt riders would come and help me build my bike, to see the stunt parts and how my factory stunt bike is build. Since stunt riding is very underground, many of the riders don’t work on their bikes in high-end garages, but at home. That’s why I like to invite them, because they share my passion and background.


One of my favorite lifestyle garages is the Fullgas Garage of my friend Jon Pena. He set the standard for any stunt rider who turned his passion into bussines. 

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I always liked to watch Orange County Choppers on Discovery Channel. For inspirational purposes.

Deus x Machina

I like the image, not the build. It’s nice to look at, but not very well made.

The Garage of Frankie Zorn

It’s like you are in a living room. Which I would like to line in. Forever.

Allesandro a.k.a. Blackbird from Genova, Italy

The best part of his garage is the bike collection.

This was it guys, my favorite garages and some memories to go along with it. If you would like to see how my garage is doing, take a look at the last vlog where we unveil the big update we have been waiting for!

Until next time,


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