Well, having an own signature product has alway been a dream of mine. One item that is usually on the top of the list for athletes, is without a doubt


The NEW 2019 REPLICA is third in a row and after 2 years, we not only redesigned the helmet, but ScorpionEXO came out with a new shelf with updated lines and solutions that make the air-flow even better (what is actually a huge problem when you wear an off-road helmet at high speed.)

Here are the features that makes the new ScorpionEXO VX-16 stand out:

Inner lining:

What I love on the helmets is, when you can take out the inner lining after a long, sweaty ride. Take it out, quickly wash with water or even better, throw it in the washing machine and you are ready to go.

More detailed info:
Very effective, hypoallergenic, removable, machine-washable, very soft and pleasant to the touch, the KwikWick2® lining of the new ScorpionExo® 2011 range is a real custom-made slipper for your head.

The AIRfit is my favorite feature. 

Here the detailed explanation:
Airfit™ permits a rider to personalize the helmet fit through air adjustable cheek pads with additional noise reduction.


The visor is updated and now you have even less lift at high speed, which can be pretty annoying if you go faster sometimes.

Large Eyeport: Fits all goggles and provides maximum visibility.

So pumped about the NEW 2019 ScorpionEXO RokON replica – looks so dope and I love that it has a bit more color this time.

Now you have two options in the same design 😀

You can check a cool video review about the helmet here:

Or you can also buy it on our online store: SHOP.ROKBAGOROS.COM

Photo by Head-Lens 


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