I’ve been looking for a partner in safety gear for a while now and finally partnered up with a company, that shares the passion and high standards. I’m honoured and more than happy to be using their awesome products daily, be it on my stunt bike or just riding for fun.

The people behind MACNA and I are really just a bunch of motorcycle enthusiasts.
Functionality, usability and safety have always been the primary concerns when developing their products. That’s also the philosophy behind their slogan: “That’s what we call riding gear!”

And that’s what I call a perfect partnership.


The main question my girlfriend gets when I introduce her to someone who’s not familiar with bikes is: “How do you deal with his sport, aren’t you afraid of him getting hurt”?

Well…she really didn’t think about it that much but now that I’ve partnered up with MACNA, she doesn’t think about it at all. Neither do I.


The first real opportunity to test the gear was the show in Kuwait a few weeks ago. You probably remember my signature look for the past years – the rock’n’roll west I’ve been known for is now been replaced by the MACNA riding jacket. Although I can’t say I won’t miss my signature piece of clothing, I’m excited about the fact that the jacket looks just as cool. And proffesional.


The latest show I tested the gear was in the Dominican Republic and this means it was hot, hot hot! I was very surprised to find out that I wasn’t sweating any more than I used to, so the CHARGER jacket is very breathable and you can enjoy a great ride even when its hot thanks to the the mesh panels. When ventilation is no longer needed, the panels can be quickly closed, off course with your gloves still on. Not to mention getting changed for the show now literally takes 2 minutes, thanks to the built-in armour and safety pads.


I’m so excited to try out the range of products that fit perfectly with every riding style. may it be stunt, adventure, racing or a Sunday street ride –  MACNA has got me covered.

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