Sorry guys I could not write my blogs dally as promissed. After we preped the bike the adventure started and my schedule was full with activities from 7am till 7pm so after i finished with the day I was crushed and writing a blog was just not in my power.

So eventually what happened after we preped the bike in the KTM Amman shop was that we went on the next day to the Jordanian speed center, wich is a Karting track. They gave us a space so I could practice with my 690 Duke. I started to do this practice session while I’m abroad recently. I need this time for myself to get more confortable on my bike in the new environment. My photographer Janez Kocbek landed a night before so he also joined me to make some cool shots from the sesh.

After the practice sesh we meet up with the local KTM riders and went for a nice afternoon ride in old Amman. The biker sceene just started and it’s growing day by day. You need to know they started to import bikes just few years ago and you still don’t see lots of bikes on the streets. So when people see a bike they get so excited and start to take out their phones immediately to snap a quick picture while we were passing by. Defenetely an experience 🙂

The locals had some amazing clutch skills so we made a random sesh on the side streets 😀

Check back tomorrow when I will write some words about the shows that went down on the lowest point on earth (Dead sea) and later on another KTM event at the Jordanian speed center.

All those dope pictures were shot by Janez Kocbek and some with my small GoPro hero4 camera 😉

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