The past couple of days I have been contemplating about my future plans, my current projects and reminiscing about the past.

About the days, when it all started.

My plans sometimes change, my projects sometimes don’t turn out as expected and not all memories are good. But the one thing I always have in mind are you guys. My fans. My supporters. My Rokers. From the very beginning you’ve motivated me, then you’ve helped me get better and now you bring me so much joy and happiness. Be it in your comments, your messages or on my shows.

It was always a dream of mine to sign a piece of paper for someone who would want it. That is why I am glad to take the time after my show or at some appearance, to meet you guys, to sign posters and take some photos. I am constantly amazed by the support and positive energy I get from you.

It brings a smile to my face when I see you guys at the show, climbing the walls, rooftops and even light poles to see me perform. A special thank you goes to all you ladies who are brave enough to help me with my stoppie kisses. If my helmet could talk, it would be thanking me forever =p.

So many of you come to every show in your country, even for few years in a row. Some of you come in the shittiest weather, maybe even take time from work. I am still amazed how many of you bring your kids, even babies for me to hold.

You make me feel like the Pope, handing out freestyle blessings, in one form or another! =D

The same goes for my online followers who support me with likes and reposts. I appreciate every “thumbs up” and take every “thumbs down” as a reminder to do better.

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Your words of encouragement are always with me on the training spot, on my mind. You always have my back, sometimes literally! On the special occasions we get to ride together, when a convoy of riders follows me through the city to the show – it makes me feel like Napoleon, charging into battle. Except the battle is between me and my mind, to deliver the best show possible.

 That is why I want to say: »Thank you«.

To the best army of bikers, Dukers, petrol heads and freestyle junkies out there. Because I have your support, you will get my commitment. To deliver inspiration, joy and happiness on a daily basis.



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