One week on the French riviera has already past. We had an amazing time with my bud Thibo at his hometown but it was time to leave this beautiful place behind and visit the next cool location where we can hoon our skills.

We headed on to west side of France by the Atlantic ocean to join our next host and a stunt-riding friend, Kevin, a little basque with a giant heart. A warm welcome was waiting for us in Biarritz for another 7 days full of riding.

What I think all riders have in common is the excitement to see the new practice spot and boy what a spot it was. It’s huge, with a brand new asphalt and perfect size to learn all the tricks that I can’t at home.

Recharged from the long trip, we leave the house and head over to the stunt spot. It’s something that surprises me, because it’s a small detail but still special for me- at home, when I arrive at the spot, there are no riders waiting to ride together but here the spot was already full and riders continued to come and have killer a time. Already such an adrenalin rush upon the arrival.

What I really miss at home while practicing, is hanging out it with fellow stunt riders. It’s so important to push your limits while you watch other ridesr killing the same trick that you are doing, on a next level. It just gives you the extra push to be restless and jump back on the bike, or even better,, don’t leave it at all. Riding on the side, it’s just cool to hang out and talk about stuntriding stuff. 

The goal on this trip is to focus on new tricks and not polish the old ones I already know. It’s a bit harder to do, than to just say, but you know me already, I’m stubborn AF. Here is one new trick (see bellow) that will be a part of my 2017 show program. Many more are coming but I need a bit more time to perfect them, one of them is the tsunami jump and the damn no-hander circles that I strougle with to learn for such a long time, but I am slowly getting there.

Tsunami jump by Thibo

Things are slowly getting higher for me too- who said you can’t do big tricks with a small cc bike! My bike of trust, as you know, is the KTM Duke 200 …

Some shots from the sesh 

As you know, practice on itself is hard enough, so just gotta go sometimes and make a change. The location and especially the company of other riders helped me to reach new hights and I gotta say, I’m having a blast while doing it.

That’s it for now, gotta go full throttle with my french stunt fam!

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