The wheelie bar 

is one of the first parts that I’ve developed back in 2007 when I was still riding a scooter. It’s always mounted on my new stunt bike builds since then. It stretches the possibilities and variety of tricks. It adds another solid position to stand on and shifts the weight to the back, so the bike is much easier to wheelie in different body positions.

The purpose of the wheelie bar does not end here.
It’s also a crash protector if the wheelie is too high. It protects the rear part of the bike if you start to lose control.

Additionally, I use it as a special effects trick-tool to scrape the pavement, as the scrape plate that is mounted on it, throws sparks.

The scrape plate can be easily replaced. The whole setup also comes with grip tape to prevent slipping in any weather condition.

Definitely a “must have” when you’re about to start learning wheelies.

| RokOn vlog #25 |


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