»My palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy …Let’s write a blog.« Sitting behind my laptop at the airport, ready to collect my thoughts and stories – and I fell asleep. The jet lag hit in even before I came to the other side of the world or the adrenaline level dropped and I’m just tired…Landed in Peru, one day off, it’s time to write that cool blog from Palestine and guess what – I fell a sleep. Damn it, I am so tired and when I wake up, I am even more tired 😀

Here I am – take three- in Chile and I woke up at 5am to make it happen 😀 Let’s do this …

I don’t know why but every time I leave Palestine, my thoughts get deep and full of emotion. It is the effect of the soroundings…The people, the lifestyle and the energy of life energy of that they have in them.

The expectations were high since my last visit, where we Rok’d it with a crowd of 6000 spectators. This time KTM asked me to the KTM Palestine crew to join them on the grand opening of the brand new store in Ramallah and throw a small show for the visitors.

When we landed in Israel we emediately traveled to Palestine to start building my bike, since we had a tight schedule. Luckily, I had a good team to help me out and things went fast.

As usually I took the trusted Duke 200 – 2016 model as the base and transformed it with my parts into a stunt bike.

Everything went so fast, so the next day we had lot’s of free time to spend and we decided to gather the local riders and go for a BBQ ride and do what we all love. Riding our bikes. The biker comunity is still really fresh and young in Palestine, so it’s hard to find bikers on the streets but I hope that this is going tp change in the upcoming years. Shurely with that comes the infractructure and some updated driving rules to keep the bikers safe, but step by step right?

Check out this cool video from our ride where you are gping to hear “Why I love to ride”.

The same day at nightime, we had a Duke and Stunt workshop where we talked about how to become a stunt rider, where to ride, what kind of protection gear to wear and how to tune your stunt bike. It was a first for the guests but also for me and I was surprised about how much interest there was for this topic. So I am thinking to focus and develope this kind of workshop through the winter to educate the future stunt riders around the world.

Oh, I forgot to mention that on the way back from the BBQ ride to the KTM shop I swaped out my stunt bike for the new 250 Duke and found a cool spot with a beautifull view of the Ramallah city. I tested the hidden stunt button on the new bike and Head Lens captured everything.🙂

The next day was all about the grand opening. The KTM Palestine team were running around, making everything ready for the big day. Sudenly the rest of my team came up all suited up, like in  “Men in black”. A tradition they say, as this is a big step for the company so it needs to be celebrated in style.

At 12.00 people started to gather and it was all ready for the opening ceramony.

Head Lens really needs to improove to chatch the right face expression moments 😀

Lot’s of important people in the auto/bike industry showed up, since this is not only a grand opening of a bike store, but one of the first, which will improve the lives and trafic so it had a bigger meaning than just selling bikes.

Long story short, check out this beautifull shop …

For the chery on top, it was time to sign the asphalt on the front of the building and cuntinue with a show for the rest of the crowd one street higher.

Thanks again to the KTM Palestine team for the hospitality and a great time. To my Rokers, I hope you enjoyed my morning blog. Drop some comments bellow on what kind of a blog I should write next time. 😉

Greets from Chile/Santiago

Photo by Head Lens Media

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