Trough the past years we have made lot’s of stunt builds with my team and our recent creation is RC 200. The 200cc engine is one of my favorite motors. It runs smooth and it’s perfect for technical tricks. It lacks a bit on the power wich is important for drifts but that’s why we have the 390 version 😀

Take a closer look with some cool photos from the build and see what we done to the bike.

The front as you can see we left stock with lights on since we wanted to have a visible difference between the 390 and the 200. The only thing what we did is that we cut the front windshield so I can throw my legs over the handlebars without getting stuck.

If we continue to the handlebars, we changed the stock clip ons with the wider Magura RBX (Rok Bagoros edition) handlebars and that was possible with switching the hanndlebar bridge from the Duke to the RC, quite easy tune.

Im using KTM powerparts grips, much better grip then the stock ones, they have this rubber feeling and not the hard plastic feel. My hanbrake is the Magura HC1 13mm in the combination of shortened stock clutch lever. The front brake pump is stock with KTM powerparts adjustable lever.


For the last 1 year I am riding on all my Dukes and RC-s the KTM Powerparts BRAKING 320mm oversize disc and never looked back. The feedback is much more agressive and the brake is braking when I want. At high speed into a rolling stoppie or a kangaroo stoppie os not an issue.

My tire of choice for the last 4 years is the Mitas Sport Force+. Always love when the tire is overheated and still offers you that constant grip that is hard to find on some of the other brands. I am running the stock sizes 150/60-17 in the back and 110/70-17 on the front.

I have been rauning my double brake system for quite a long now. We built a spacer that you can fit the stock footbrake calipper and a radial brake calipper in this case I use a BREMBO from the Duke 690. If you look closer there is a different kind of brake disc, that’s still a protoype. I told my team I need stronger and more agressive brake in the future. So we are now testing different materials and shapes.

One of my favorite updates when we build a bike is the exhaust, as you can see I am using a Akrapovic slip-on exhaust with no db killer 🙂 Another part that we build in house and that I am really proud of is the adjustable steel-subcage with CNC machined pegs. After a while you start to learn new tricks that require new position of the footbrakes and with our subcage I can change that in a minute.

A real chalenge was to build a crash cage for the RC since there is not a lot of good mointing points to attach the cage. But we found some smart solutions that will also not damage the frame while crashing wich is the most important. Soon available on our online

On the picture it’s still a prototype as you can see on the welds 🙂

That sexy back tho 😀

Details is where it counts …

Let’s go Ride …

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Photo by Janez Kocbek 

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