As in the tittle – on Sunday there is no show or practice on the menu so I take a bike that is still street legal and take it for a short trip to clear my head. For the past week my life was extremely bussy with finishing lots of projects and planing for the future so a ride like this was much needed. Me and my GF were looking for something to do on our free day when I noticed the fresh pair of TCX ACE boots that were delivered a day before. Clearly this was a sign to take a ride. This time, I said lets go discover something new. Se we suited up and hit the road.

Probably the last ride with this beauty before it will be torn apart and built into a freestyle bike in the next weeks.

It’s a 690 Duke standard version with the updated LC4 2017 engine with a new speedometer and lot’s of new gadgets and full ABS system. A great package for a corner rocket.


On the way to our planed route the sky started to get darker and ready for a real storm, so we tourned south, away from the rain and decided to go wherever the road would take us.

Somehow we landed in the small town Vurberg with a beautifull abonded-looking castle that was transformed into a little amphitheatre where some cool concerts already took place.
Took some time to recharge my phone to upload some IG stories and we were ready to continue.

Before we jumped on the bike we discovered a sign that said “Adventure park” and we still had plenty of time to kill and no real plan where to go, so we said let’s go find out what this park is all about.

It was a newly build park where you can test your climbing skills and fear of hights. I have none of the above, haha.

There was some pain involved in this stretch 😀

Meribi clearly enjoyed the climbing and she ran up and down the obstacles like a little monkey 😀

Exuasted from the climbing it was time to go ride and recharge with some tasty pizza. Sorry guys but I was too hungry so I forgot to take pictures.

Personally I think bike riding is the best de-stress therapy on the market and I really needed it. I am traveling now for 2 months straight and it will be the longest tour away from home in my career. So hard to leave my family and friends in the middle of the summer when everybody is happy and enjoying summer. But heads up, I will ride my bikes and meet new amazing people and my RokON fans that give me lot’s of motivation, daily.

Remember – 4 wheels are made to move the body, 2 wheels are made to move the soul 😀


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