Last 6 months of my life were captured trough the lens of my GoPro cameras. All started last august when I tore my knee ligaments during stunt show in Austria. It happened in worst possible time, just before 10 week tour across 3 continents.

It is unnecessary to explain how this first big injury hit me! It Until than I was pretty lucky and nothing serious happened to me. I was forced to change my lifestyle, it was a real shock! I was cut off from my daily routine full of sports, training and adrenaline. Heck, I had to buy a TV screen since until than I never had any free time to watch TV.

I had to be patient and focused on positive aspect of my suddenly different lifestyle, which was filled with rehabilitation programme. All this 6 months I was anxious to start moving my leg normally, to start walking, running and above all riding my KTM Duke! Now when I am back, in top physical form and eager for the new shows and performing new tricks, I can not thank enough to all friends, fans, sponsors and family, for great support. Your words, messages, and positive thoughts gave me a lot of mental strength to train hard for my fast recovery. This injury made me stronger, I now train 3-4 days per week in a gym and raised up the game to higher level. Professional stunt riding is a tough sport, but I really missed the action and I hardly wait to see you at the shows. Now lets go stuntriding, RokON!

Filmed and edited by Dominik Pelc a.k.a Head Lens
Music: Kleemar – 4M
Audio Mastering – Ivor Knafelj


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