Three months ago as some of you that follow my Instagram profile (@rokbagoros) know already, I flew over to Berlin between my shows to make a photo and video shoot with the KTM Factory crew.

It’s been a while since I did this with KTM, our last project was 3 years ago in Valencia. So I knew what to expect and that was waking up early (6.00 a.m.) and going home late ( 7p.m.) … So basically the photo/video shoots are fun but it’s also a hard job, riding the bike for 12 hours straight until you don’t feel your butt anymore. But in the end I don’t care I could ride the Dukes all day long 😀

We did our shoots on 3 different locations, one was in the downtown Berlin, one was at the Olympic stadium and one was at a really interesting place which was an US military field station, kind of a “spy” station back in the day and today a weird mysterious place with lot’s of graffiti art.

Here is Rudi Schedl behind the scenes …

and this is the result, quite epic, what do you think?

For a big foto/video shoot you need also big toys to make it happen. The building was quite high and it was impossible to bring the bikes up with bear hands so the team brought the crane to lift the bikes to the platform. Was quite spectacular 😀

My mind was blown away from the epic graffiti art that was all round that place. The crew decided that is time again after few years to make a nice bright coloured action clip for the small dukes and they shure found the right place for that. For one the location was perfect for me on the other side was a quite a challenge due to the werry slippery surface out of concrete. But as you know me I like challenges 😉

I made also my own art with a special rubber paint …

and this is for the haters that don’t like my art 😛

There is so manny artsy fartsy photos that I made with my GoPro cam that this blog would be endless if I post them all, so here are few more from my selection 😉

Duke enjoying the sun on the rooftop 😀

After 2 days of photoshooting and videoshooting at this weird location we went to the Olympic stadium, to shoot some shots in the unground garage. A mug shot in the stadium was a must 😀 Sorry no photos from the garage I was to bussy with having fun on the Duke 200 😛

After that few shots needed to be done in the city, the team prepared a special filming car for this job that I saw for the first time. I almost felt like Tom Cruise in a holywood production 😀


And the setup on the car in close up

Philip from Airos-records with a big grin on his face before the shoot and he had even bigger one afterwards when we saw the epic footage that we made 😀

All in all was a great project with an awesome group that know how a proper shoot is done. It was really hard to hide this pictures from you, for such a long time, but now when the video is out I could finally show you what we did 3 months ago in Berlin. I hope you liked my behind the scenes story. I could write a bit more but in the end the time is short and my bikes are already waiting for me to go to the practice spot.

Huge thanks to:

KTM Factory team

Airos- Records & Oliver Margrander

KISKA photo team

Lukas Wimmer

and in the end don’t forget

0 320

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