It’s been a while since I wrote my last BLOG. I was quite bussy with building my new RokON garage between traveling around the globe performing on various events and filming new freestlye movies. Before I start my second part of the seasson which is mostly the most bussy and crazy with lot’s of shows in South America and Asia, I decided to take my bikes and my photo team with me and go for a trip around my homeland Slovenia.

Our plan was to search for nice locations and shoot some cool pics with new angles and tricks. We loaded my Van and went into Slovenian mountains – Alps and I’m glad we did. In this region we have one of our most beautifull nature treasures like the lake Bohinj,River Soca, Various Mountains etc. Part of this route is also one of the best motorcycling roads in Europe. I’m always blown away from the Beauty of the nature that we have in Slovenia and I would defenetely recomend you a visit to my country if you never been here before 😉

Our first stop was the national Ski Jump arena where the Biggest ski jump the so called “Planica velikanka” is built. Place where lot’s of world record jumps were made. A perfect place to collect some inspirational ideas.

Head Lens filming some new RokON raw session material 😉

The plan for the next day was sunsrise time wich means waking up really early to catch the perfect light. The bridge that we choosen day before was in the past a rail way and now it’s a cycling road. Here we got some dope GoPro shots 😉

We did not spent to much time on the bridge because we got lot’s of locations to visit on the last day of our trip so we went to the highest mountain pass in Slovenia that is 1611m above the sea level and was a border in WWII between Yugoslavia and Italy.

Dem fluffy things also made it to the top 😀

The view once you are on the top is mindblowing and you are facing the Bovec valley where lays our next natural treasure – River Soca that was also our next location.

But before we go, let me throw down some spins 😉

When this was done we rolled down the pass and had a quick lunch in the river bed it self, well when you work hard at least you can lunch in style 😀

After the energy refill we followed the stream of Soca and on the way you can find lot’s of hanging bridgest that of course I needed to try out with my bike, but first …

Did I mentioned that it was crazy hot and shooting the whole day next to blue cristal clear water sounds like a perfect combination. But there is a catch the water was freezing cold. In the end I did a cool down in my own way 😛

The trip was defenetely worth every minute and it gave me the much needed inspiration for the future. Can’t wait to do it again soon 🙂 Thanks to my friends Dominik and Aljosa to join me on the trip and making once again killer shots 😀


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