All good stories have three parts and so does mine, with a bitter-sweet goodbye. This trip was in many ways an epic adventure. Learning new stuff, lots of improvements to be done on my bikes to make my riding better, lot’s of fun with my fellow stunt riders Thibo, Elliot, Kevin and others. The whole trip gave me such a motivational boost that it’s hard to describe. The season is coming fast with the first shows in January and the time is getting tight.
Anyways, let me share some of my thoughts about the last days of the trip and some cool pics to go along with it …


The bright sight of my job (don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of them except the gym and the injuries), but one of the brightest is the posibility to see a lot from this small round ball that we call Earth. On our last day we went to Biarratz to sink in all the beauty that this place has to offer and there is a lot of it.

All summed up,  the trip was a huge success and I’m definetly adding it to my “must do list” in the yearly plan for the future. The trip is over and my thoughts are already with the next adventure. I’m trying to squeeze in as much practice as possible in the days during the holidays and hoon my riding skills, not only on my street bikes but also on the offroad bikes, to help with my stuntriding. The Asian tour in Myanmar and Philippines is getting closer and I better be ready, since it will be an epic tour. 

In  the end I would like to thank all the folks that I met on this french trip and from whom I received a warm welcome. Also thanks to my RokON crew that gave my trip that homely feeling that I love.
Let’s RokON untill the next adventure – Croatia, here I come 😉

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