It’s been a hell of a ride this season. Starting early in January with the first show in Germany and ending 10 months later with a big tour in Asia and the Middle East, with the last show in Palestine.

It’s was another hectic year with lot’s of cool projects and checking stuff of my “to be done in my career” bucketlist. One of those was building up a long term dream, an own lifestyle workshop “Rok Bagoros MOTO  GARAZA “! In the workshop people can get a taste of how we build up our high-end freestyle bikes, plus they can take a piece of it home in the shape of a RokON merch, or even bring their own bikes and get them pimped. But more about this in the next blog entry 😉

When I returned back home, I got a small shock since I realised all the traveling is over and it’s time to change the focus. Until now everything was all about traveling and giving my best on the bike, from morning till night on a daily basis.

Winter is the time to get ready for next season, so I called my bud Thibo from France to go for a pre-season preparation to his town. It’s getting really cold in Slovenia, to cold to rok ‘n’ roll. One short call later everything was set and I was ready to go. Almost, since being a PRO rider brings much more things to take care of, not only if the bike is clean and if I have enough fuel for tomorrow’s practice.

After going through the plan with my team for the next few weeks that I will be away, I was set, wait again, almost. There was one more important matter, to meet all my sponsors se we can get ready for the next season and prepare the projects. And here goes November. The buisness side of my sport is a tough one, but it’s  a lot of fun for me personaly. Finishing a project and watching how it grows and gets feedback from the fans is another adrenalin rush that I get.

The plans for 2017 are set and my mind is blown by the feedback of my sponsors. All I can say is: “Put your setbelts on as it will be a wild ride in 2017 😉

Anyways, I am already in France now, with my mind programed to push my live shows to the next level and develope new tricks on my unique KTM bikes.

The trip started at Thibo’s home town Biot, where I slowly came back into the mind zone of focusing just on the riding and feeling the bike to that “defy your limits” level. After a few days Head Lens, my photographer, joined me to catch some moments for my readers and shoot some new RokON raw session clips.

Sometimes jokes can bring you to the level you want, it’s the fuel that keeps your dreams and goals burning if you know how to turn the things for your better.

Thibos jokes about my 2 bar presure setup in the rear tire went from a joke to a next step in my tricks. His opinion real riders ride 3+ bar so I stepped it up and went for it. Maybe it sounds like a small change but for a stunt rider a tire presure means a lot, since all our tricks are based on the ballance point. With a harder rear tire everything becomes more faster and drifts are getting smoother. It takes a bit time to get used but it’s defenetely a thing to work on.

Quick update on my IG stories and back on the bike…

Photo by Head Lens media 

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