Finally I found some time to write my blogs again after the finished one month tour. I will go back in time – 3 weeks back, when I was going to Holland to perform at the Motorbeurs Utrecht – the national Motorcycle exibition in Holland. Few days before I went, Jeremy Vonk the Ducati stunt rider, contacted me and invited me for a practice sesh at his spot. I was definitely IN for this idea and was already looking forward to practice with somebody after a long time, since I practice alone on my spot. Because in Slovenia there is only one more stunt rider, my friend Jure Križman.

So I took my mechanic Denis and my video guy Dominik a.k.a Head Lens with me.

The day after we arrived I picked up the KTM E-freeride at the KTM Holland HQ and took it to the practice to get a bit of a feeling for the live shows on the following days. After that was done, we meet up with Jeremy.

We took an one hour drive to the practice spot. We didn’t made lot’s of pictures there because we were more focused on practicing then making cool pics or videos. But anyway here are some that Dominik took.

Poping some wheelies with the e-freeride is so easy. Love the electric power, the sound not so much, because there is no sound 😀

Denis was wondering quite a lot about the electrical technology. Haha!

I kinda like dirty stuff, but not a dirty practice spot. Hahaha, joke (or not :P)! … The spot was quite dirty so I tried to have as much as possible fun on it, I also checked if there is still some MX genes in my street 690 Duke … As you can see there is still plenty in it 😛

The practice session was cool and we had luck with the weather. No wind that is quite common in Holland and no rain. Would like to thank Jeremy on this point for the awesome afternon and letting me try his Ducati Panigale. This thing is a drift beast 😀

On the next day we went to the Moto exibition in Utrecht, where I meet up with Rafal, more known under the nickname Stunter13. It was quite a while since we saw us and performed together in Germany at the Intermot 2 years ago. I was really looking forward to meet him, since he is a super cool guy and he can ride his Yamaha bikes as a mad man. In front of us were 4 days of shows on the shitiest surface ever… It had different levels, preatty bumpy, slippery and it had also a lot of steel plates that were quite OK, when it was dry, but when it was wet (it was wet on all 4 days) it was like ice :/ But anyway we pushed it trough and showed our best for our Dutch fans 😀

Because I was performing at Motorbeurs 3 years ago I came prepared and took the tire warmers with me. They worked preaty well, so when I started with the show I had the immediate grip on the wet surface. With the one cylinder bike it is quite hard to ride, since it has a lot of torque and the driving style is preaty wild, so I need good grip for my tricks. With those warmers I could perform as I wanted under those slippery conditions.

During the shows, I had a lot of time to hang out with my team and my fans . I signed some posters at the KTM booth with Bo Bendsneyder the KTM Factory Moto3 rider and chatted with our fans.

There is a special bound between the rider and his mechanic (bromance) 😀 Chilling with my mechanic Denis and talking/thinking how to improve my KTM Factory 690 Duke …

I started to give a lot of attention to my stretching routines before/after shows or practice session. I want that my tricks get more stretched because it just looks cooler and eventually good stretcing can prevent also injuries.

Some more riding pics

Eventualy, I would like to thank KTM Holland and the Motorbeurs organizers for an invitation to their event. Hats off to the professional organisation and still trying to give us the best possible support for our shows on the bad surface.Last but not least, thanks to my team for the support and the fans to come to the shows to rock with me – RokON!

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