Upgrading my 200 Duke with the all new 320mm wave disc from KTM PowerParts. Such a big difference in the braking power. A must have for all freestyle/racing enthusiast.

Difference in size and design. With the bigger size 320mm there is also better braking power and with the wave design the disc is cooling down faster as the standart one. I mounted already the standart disc from the 390 Duke to my 200 Duke that has a standart disc with the size of 280mm, the braking was better but with the oversize Power Parts disc there is no comparisment. When the disc is getting really hot you have a better respond from the front brake and there is no spongy feeling when it’s overheated. Recomend really to everybody that owns a Duke 200 or 390

More about the disc in the new KTM Street Power Parts catalogue:http://www.ktm.com/sl/powerparts/powerparts-street-catalog-2015-en-es/


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