My favorite thing to do when I have free time between the shows or competitions is…  well riding my bike 😀 This is how I meditate and empty my head from all the stress. My rides are cosy and not always full throttle so I can enjoy the scenery and for this kind of bike trips is good to have some comfy gear. So for the past 2 months I started to wear the new KTM Powerwear Pegscratch Jacket and boy I was surprised about the quality.

It has so much awesome gadgets and smart solutions that is hard to describe all. What really stands out is that you can use it all year long thanks to the removable thermal lining. It’s really good ventilated and has a good cooling system which is a good information for my Asian fans 🙂 It’s also waterproof, has a special waterproof document pocket and it has tons of others pockets tho. Protection on the shoulder and reflective stripes are also not missing.

What always annoys me on the riding jackets is the unconfortable collar. Here the story is different. The KTM Powerwear team really made an effort on the details and didn’t forget on this one. The collar is really soft and cosy like you would have a cat around your neck hahaha

If you are interested to get the new KTM Pegscratch jacket you can get it at your local KTM dealer around the globe … Price is around 270$ which is an awesome price for what you get 😉

Thanks for the cool pictures:

Head Lens Media
Janez Kocbek photography 

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