GoPro and Rok Bagoros continue partnership in 2013

It’s been three years now since Rok put his first GoPro Hero camera on his helmet and shoot his tricks from riders perspective. Since then, his affection to small and handy cameras grew to almost an obsession.

‘Since a couple of years now, I’m really a huge fan of GoPro cameras. They are super simple to use, yet small enough, so I can carry them in my pockets during training or travelling. They offer to me a great chance to shoot clips from my perspective, which brings practically the same view I see – to all my fans that enjoy watching me riding my bikes. Sure I’m looking forward to bring more adrenaline action from me and my KTM Duke 125 and 690’ briefly commented Rok.

He also plan to continue shooting his special videos named ‘when the time stops’ which are exclusively shot with GoPro cameras. Partnership with Mitrumedia and Airos production, his new team for shooting videos, will bring to yet unseen slow motion videos of Rok Bagoros newest tricks

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