If you have watched at least a video or two of mine, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard my signature line, my favourite hello and hardest goodbye to you guys – »Rock’n’roll«!

I don’t use that just for dramatic effect or as a random line. Bikes and motorcycles are to rock music what the reindeers are to Santa- you can’t have Christmas without them. Like the perfect backdrop goes with your Sunday ride, your dirt bike tour, motocross training or in my case, the freestyle show.

I want to share with you some of my favorite music to go with the best feeling on the planet, riding a bike.

The opening ceremonies at a motocross race play a rider’s favorite song during introductions and I’m pretty sure Valentino Rossi blazes up his favorite track before twisting the throttle. The plugs stuffed in their ears as favorite beats amp them for the upcoming dual between man, machine and their competitors.

With me, it’s not quite the same. Before the show, I like to sit alone in my van, trying not to think about anything. I turn up the beat at the hotel before the show, watching the Thirty Seconds to Mars – Closer to the edge video. The music gets me in the mood, raises my blood pressure and offers audio encouragement to, well… bring it.

Although I am not technically competing with anyone, I’m always competing with myself, to deliver the best show possible.

That includes creating a mesmerizing and hyped atmosphere for the audience which the right music helps me do. Music helps me to relax on the training spot and fill my head with ideas. The Red Bull is for when I forget my headphones. =p

For my show, I use a mash-up of songs, mixed together by my DJ and for my Sunday rides, training sessions and dirt bike trips I listen to my personal favorites.

So what’s playing?


A dose of “Master of Puppets,” “Damage, Inc.” and “One” make me high enough to make some aggressive passes and launch that crazy long wheelie no one else dares try.


Iron Maiden

A little Maiden never hurt anyone and these classic metal rockers still kicking after nearly 40 years offer the adrenaline fueled guitar chords relish me while waiting to start the engine.


Simple A,C,D, C? chords mixed into a straight 4/4 time signature an anthem rock tune make. “Thunderstruck” and “T.N.T” help compile the playlist of every national sporting event and likely shuffle along with “Shoot to Thrill” and “Back in Black” on the playlist everywhere. My favourite? Hells Bells!

Guns N’ Roses

Have you ever looked over at the rider next to you, a training spot or empty rode and mouthed, “Welcome to my jungle”? Well, that’s exactly the song to get you there.

Thirty Seconds To Mars

Coming closer to the show, I’m getting closer to the edge. Some people pray. I turn up the radio. I blast up this song before heading to the show and I know, everything will be ok.


Just kidding.


What’s your jam for the time, spend on your bike? Let me know in the comments!


’till next time,


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