Stuntriders get often inspiration from other riders and I am not different. This time my ScorpionEXO team mate Romain just dropped a brand new stunt video and he dropped once more my jaw.

The slide (min. 0:19) here on the picture does not look nothing special but when you see the video it’s by far one of the most spectacular tricks I am seeing latelly. So much style and speed needs to go into it you need to be comitted to do it othervise you will fly like a cowboy from a wild bull.

The video includes all the other new style tricks – high towers, wheelie bunny hops, kangaroo tricks, different drift combinations. The riding style of Romain is just efortless and I think he is a wild ninja cat jumping around the bike.


What really motivates me that Romain does his own thing and does not copy other riders a lot, if he does he always add his own sauce. Gives me the motivation to stop stressing about tricks that my bikes can’t do and start to focus on the ones I am really good at it and go back to the days I invented my own.

Enough of words go check out the new LEVEL 1 video and Romain HATS OFF – your ROCK!

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