On the way back home from a test day for a special project that I am planing to do next year I had a bit free time so I decided to pay a visit to the RedBull Hangar7, that is located in Salzburg/Austria, to see some toys that represent the wett dreams of every petrol head.

You can find also some worlchampion KTM Racing bikes such as Moto3 world champ bike from Sandro Cortese, SX-F 250 from Jeffrey Herlings and etc.

This thing I want to try one day, to finally see how it feels to be superman 😀

Damn I would like to have those toys in my garage 😀 One F1 car to go to the supermarket, one for the gym and one for tha night party, hmmm the yet I would just put in my living room 😀

There is just to manny great things to show you in this BLOG, so I suggest you to pay a visit on your own if you will be in your future near Salzburg/Austria. But here are few more flicks for those who live to far away to have a chance to see it life 😉

Milions of faces on that F1 car, great idea by RedBull to support Wings for Life fundation 😉

Photos by Head Lens 

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